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Medical Aesthetics Practices

Sivilce Tedavisi

Acne treatment with Aknes laser

Etiketler: acne, acne treatment

The dermatologists often practice acne treatments within the scope of dermatology. To reduce and prevent acne problem, medication is the most commonly used method. However, their relatives and the patients who have taken medication to find a solution to their pimples know that medication is a challenging process due to…


Gçz Çevresi Kırışıklıkları, morluk ve göz altı torbaları tedavisi

Eye contour problems

Etiketler: eye contour problems, under eye bags, wrinkles

Aknes solution in the treatment of eye contour problems Aesthetic and plastic surgery operations give successful results in the removal of under-eye bags and also in the recovery of aging symptoms occurred in eye contour like wrinkles, floppy eyelids. However, nowadays, medical aesthetic practices that enable different treatments be performed…


Lazer Epilasyon

Laser hair removal

Etiketler: Lazer hair removal, unwanted hair removal

What is laser hair removal? Rather than trying to get rid of unwanted hair with traditional methods, people who desire to solve the problem for longer and more effectively now frequently apply to laser hair removal. In order to increase the rate of successful results, laser hair removal systems show…


Regional slimming and diet

Regional slimming and diet

Etiketler: Diet, Diet Program, Regional Slimming

Is it possible to get rid of belly fats, which is the problem of many of us? "Is it possible to get regional slimming, regional thinning with diet?" Depending on gender and genetic properties, people store fat in different parts of their body. The belly and waist known colloquially as…


Cilt Lekeleri Tedavisi

Treatment for melasma and blemishes

Etiketler: melasma, melasma treatment, Skin blemish removal

What are the causes of melasma and blemishes? Melasma occur as a consequence of the large accumulation in some areas of the melanin pigment that gives color to skin. Both hormonal changes due to pregnancy or contraceptive pill use and various effects of the sunlight being exposed continuously; as well…


Spider web aesthetics

Spider Web Aesthetics

Etiketler: organic lifting, spider web aesthetics, wrinkle removal

What is spider web aesthetics (non-surgical face lift)? Spider web aesthetics is a medical practice that gives the opportunity to remove the deformations, flabbiness and wrinkles occurred on the skin due to the effect of time and gravity, without necessity to surgical intervention and general anesthesia. The practice is also…


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