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Dr. Devrim Gürsoy

Medical Aesthetic Physician

He was born on 04.04.1976 in Istanbul. He attended primary school in Yesilkoy Hamdullah Suphi Tanrıover Primary School. He completed his secondary and high school educations in Istanbul Private German High School. He started Uludag University Faculty of Medicine in 1994 and graduated in 2000. He received his PhD in 2006 from Department of Medical … “Dr. Devrim Gürsoy” devamı…

Dr. Serkan Öztürk

Medical Aesthetic Physician

He was born on 5 July 1975 in Sivas. He attended primary school at Sivas Vali Resit Paşa Primary School. He completed his secondary education in Iskenderun Namik Kemal Middle School and high school in Iskenderun High School. He graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Gazi University in 2002. He worked as a physician in Social … “Dr. Serkan Öztürk” devamı…

Dr. Şirin Ender

Medical Aesthetic Physician

She was born on 28.06.1966 in Kırcaali / Bulgaria. She finished primary, secondary and high school in Bulgaria. She completed her medical education at Gazi University in 1994. 1994-1996    She completed her compulsory service at Cankiri State Hospital. 1997-2010    She worked as an emergency doctor in Elmadag State Hospital / Ankara. 2010-2015    She worked as … “Dr. Şirin Ender” devamı…

Diyetisyen Eda Ağıllı

Dietician Eda Ağıllı

Nutrition and Dietetics Expert Eda AĞILLI AKIN is a graduate of 2012, Hacettepe University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has a thesis on“Evaluation of diet adaptation status in individuals who applied weight loss diet” and a seminar work that investigates “The effects of dietary protein on blood sugar in diabetes mellitus patients.” During the … “Diyetisyen Eda Ağıllı” devamı…

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