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The dermatologists often practice acne treatments within the scope of dermatology. To reduce and prevent acne problem, medication is the most commonly used method. However, their relatives and the patients who have taken medication to find a solution to their pimples know that medication is a challenging process due to both physical and psychological side effects.

Aknes practice in acne treatment is a medical aesthetic solution that people, who do not prefer medication, avoid medicine use, or whose general health is not suitable for taking medication, can apply to. The practice of Aknes in acne treatment is carried out by the use of the FDA-approved system that has the latest technology, which enables to get the desired effects in sub tissues with radio frequency energy.

Needle radio frequency solution to acne and acne scars

Aknes: Needle radio frequency solution to acne and acne scars

How Aknes is practiced in acne treatment?


In accordance with the expectations of the patient and with the evaluations of the doctor a treatment plan is
established. Then, practice areas are applied local anesthesia to become senseless. By the use of the head
available in the Aknes system, the radio frequency energy is sent under the skin via the micro-needles.
During the practices performed with the device that has security control, no bleeding, no burning occurs on
the skin and only the lower layer of the skin get affected as intended by the treatment. As part of acne
treatment, sebaceous glands leading acne are removed. In this way, both the acne caused by the active
infection gets well and the recurrence of acne problem gets prevented.

How long does Aknes practice take and how many sessions are needed for acne treatment?


Prior to Aknes practice, after waiting approximately 20 minutes for local anesthesia to get effective, the
procedure is completed in a short time, approximately in 40 minutes. Thus, patient can go back to daily life
after this practice, which is in this respect practical and applicable even during lunch break. Generally,
after 3 sessions, active acne problem is eliminated and the desired effect is provided in the sebaceous
glands in order to prevent new acne formation.

Why acne occurs?


Acne, which starts especially in adolescence period, is a skin problem frequently seen both in women and men.
The common ideas that eating fatty foods and dirtiness cause acne are actually not correct. Because, acne is
the inflammation in the region occurred due to the enlargement of sebaceous glands and their releasing large
amount of sebum substance, which in fact has function in protecting oil level of the skin. The dirt and dead
cells accumulate in the enlarged pores and the bacteria formed, cause inflammation. The red, juicy, inflamed
and often-painful pimples cause patients to be affected negatively when they look in the mirror due to
aesthetical concerns, as well. To answer the question why the sebaceous glands act outside of the normal and
lead to formation of acne; it is possible to say that genetic predisposition is an important factor and the
increase in hormone levels in the body may be one of the main factors.

Does Aknes practice have side effects and risks?

  • After the session, in the treated area slight redness and swelling that will get better, can be seen.
  • Crusting may occur in the areas. Scabs should not be irritated and played with.
  • Although being applied for aesthetic purposes, it should not be forgotten that Aknes treatment is a
    medical practice and should be definitely performed by experienced medical doctors. This issue that
    should be taken into consideration, is a critical condition both for the determination and prevention of
    risk factors and for the success of the practice.

What is the price of Aknes practice?

Factors such as in which treatment Aknes will be used, the area of the treatment, the width of the treatment
area, number of necessary sessions etc. play role in determining the price of the practice. To take detailed
information and to make an appointment, you can contact us at 0532 692 00

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