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What are the causes of melasma and blemishes?

Melasma occur as a consequence of the large accumulation in some areas of the melanin pigment that gives color to skin. Both hormonal changes due to pregnancy or contraceptive pill use and various effects of the sunlight being exposed continuously; as well as getting old may cause the melanin pigment’s activity that lead to skin imperfections.

About “laser blemish treatment”, Dr. Devrim Gursoy gives information…

What is the treatment of melasma and blemishes with laser?


Melasma and blemishes treatment is a practice done by the use of 755 nm long-pulse Alexandrite laser device, which aims to remove blemishes occurred due to aging and harmful effects of sunlight.

In addition to Alexandrite laser device to treat blemishes, Thulium laser is also a fractional laser device in use. Thulium blemish laser can be used in various skin problems from small blemishes to burn scars. You
may find detailed information about the Thulium lazer blemish treatment and the operation video of burn scars in our article.

What type of skin problems can be treated with laser blemish treatment?

  • Melasma – Sunspots
  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • Acne scars
  • Pregnancy stretch marks
  • Burn marks
  • Fine lines
  • Anti-aging necessities

The point that should not be forgotten is that each patient’s problem is specific and should be diagnosed. When the skin problems are determined after your application, your doctor will recommend the most effective treatment method.

How melasma and blemishes treatment with laser is practiced?


The melasma and blemishes are layered structures spreading from skin surface to bottom layers. Therefore, people need to be patient about the treatment of blemishes and they should know that progress in this treatment is taken step by step. In the first step, the block spots begin to dissolve and the need to use concealer begins to decrease. In time, the treatment progresses with a decrease in skin’s uneven tone and impaired homogeneity. Laser melasma and blemish treatment takes 3 – 4 months and is practiced especially in the pre-summer time on skin that is not tanned.

How many sessions are necessary for the treatment of melasma and blemishes with laser?


After the examination, medical doctor gives information regarding to the possible results according to the condition of blemishes and number of sessions that might be necessary. As the properly formed, dark-colored spots caused by age and sun can be treated faster; occurring in relation to the hormonal effects after pregnancy, the spots called melasma which become evident with sunlight on hard bone structures like cheekbones, forehead region, necessitates long-term treatments.

Does the melasma and blemishes treatment with laser provide exact solution?


There are cases in which laser treatment is the absolute solution to melasma and blemishes. Also, there are cases where the sharpness of blemishes decreases. Even if the person experiences darkness in blemishes after a summer, the skin can be returned back to its latest condition more quickly with the treatment applied afterwards.

Power of colors in the treatment of blemishes: Led mask

Power of colors can be used for acne, acne scars, blemishes and fine lines. Treatment is made with a led mask consisting of three primary colors. The colors change approximately in every minute and supply the ease of multi-purpose treatment to patients. Blue light without any damage cleans the skins that need to be deeply cleansed, like skin with acne; the red light can progress to the deeper layers of skin. Purple light is effective in removing spots caused by pregnancy and sun. As well, three colors trigger collagen activation and give skin brightness and vitality.

How led mask is practiced?

With its low-complication rate and comfortable process, led mask practice starts with the cleaning of the skin with a suitable cleaner. Then, the porcelain mask is placed on the patient’s face. To be protected from the light, eyes get closed with a special eye patch and device is operated. Without any pain, patient waits for half an hour till the end. In our clinic, this practice can be processed with therapeutic masks that are special for the patient. When we practice Led mask with our professional skin treatments such as spider web aesthetics, carbon peeling, fractional laser, dermapen, our success increases. Led mask can be applied in any season and there is no age limitation.

Is melasma and blemish treatment with laser gives pain?

It is stated that pain / ache is not felt in practice because of the cooling systems found in the laser devices.

What kinds of changes occur in the skin after the practice?

After the practice, scabs can be seen on the blemishes. Crusting areas should not be irritated and played with. After healing process it can be seen that the color of blemishes got lightened.

What to do to prevent new blemishes?

In order to prevent the formation of blemishes, the skin must be kept healthy.

What should be done to keep skin healthy?

  • Skin should be deeply cleansed
  • Skin should be sufficiently moisturized
  • Skin should be protected from sunı

What are the things that should be given attention to in sunscreen use?

  • The sunscreen must also be able to give physical protection. In terms of providing physical protection, sunscreens containing trace elements such as zinc, aluminum and titanium should be preferred.
  • During the exposure to sunlight repetition of the sunscreen every 3 hours is necessary to prevent blemishes.

Does melasma and blemishes treatment with laser have side effects and risks?

  • Although laser melasma and blemish treatment has no common side effects, wounds and infections can be seen rarely.
  • It is important to give attention to sun protection in order to reduce the possibility of re-occurrence of blemishes and prevent the formation of new spots on the skin.
  • Although being applied for aesthetic purposes, it should not be forgotten that treatment with laser is a medical practice and should be definitely performed by experienced medical doctors. This issue that
    should be taken into consideration, is a critical condition both for the determination and prevention of risk factors and for the success of the practice.

Lavieen Thulium blemish laser for the treatment of blemishes

Laser practices for removing blemishes are mainly based on the principle of dividing and dissolving the spots. Unlike other laser practices, Lavieen Thulium blemish laser works with a principle that aims to cause minor damages on the skin so as to direct the cells called macrophages into the problematic area. The logic behind the effect of the Thulium laser is to trigger the regenerative and healing cells in person’s own body. Thulium laser can be used in treatments for blemishes, burn and acne scars, anti-aging and fine lines and positive effects are observed from the first session.

How Thulium laser is practiced?

TIn all skin problems, the purpose is not to use any technique or device but to correctly identify the skin structure and skin problem, to analyze the underlying causes of the skin problem and to practice a treatment accordingly. For this reason, firstly a medical doctor should be visited and the skin problem should be determined. Then, the process should continue with the treatment doctor will recommend.

In treatments with Thulium laser, qualifications such as the properties of the person, the area of the skin problem, the width of the problematic area, the depth and the extent of the problem affect the treatment plan. According to these characteristics, power, wavelength, pulse options selected from the device changes. The processes and the durations of treatments may vary depending on the different skin problems. The most accurate information regarding to the duration of the treatment and other details can be obtained after doctor’s examination. Mayasante is a Thulium Blemish Laser Center. For more information about Lavieen Thulium Blemish Laser, you may visit Thulium laser website.

What is the difference between Thulium laser treatment and other treatment methods?

In blemish treatments made with Thulium laser, the problematic area is passed on by the use of the energy provided from the device on which power, wavelength and pulse options are set according to the skin problem. The process until here shows similarities in all devices being used in blemish treatments.

Unlike the other laser systems, in treatments with Thulium laser, rather than dividing the spots it is aimed to remove the problem by the help of the healing cells called “macrophage” in one’s body, which are attracted to the area through the controlled bruises and damages.

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