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What is laser hair removal?

Rather than trying to get rid of unwanted hair with traditional methods, people who desire to solve the problem for longer and more effectively now frequently apply to laser hair removal. In order to increase the rate of successful results, laser hair removal systems show development in time, as well. In our article, you can find answers to the frequently asked questions about Alexandrite, Diode, Nd: Yag and the recently popular Square laser, which are the main systems that meet the request to have clean and hairless skin of people who have different skin colors and hair properties.


As a working principle of all devices used in laser hair removal, melanin is chosen as the target. The success rate is higher in dark and thick hair where melanin level is high; the success rate is lower in light color hair where melanin level is low. Another factor affecting the success is the person’s skin color. Side effect risk is higher for the people who have dark skin because of having high-level melanin on the surface layer of the skin. For the same reason, success rate also decreases, as the energy given for the purpose of hair removal will be dispersed. The different systems used for the purpose of hair removal are not superior to each other according to body parts; besides, compared to one another no superiority of a device can be stated completely.

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How laser hair removal works?


The logic behind laser hair removal is to damage hair follicles by the heat of laser light. The pigment called “melanin” that gives color to hair plays an important role in the transmission of this heat to the hair follicle. Melanin is found not only in the hair structure but also in the upper layer of the skin and because of this, leads to different results obtained in laser hair removal processes according to different hair and skin colors. For the practice, the ideal is to have dark-colored hair on light-colored skin. However, along with the technological developments, different types of laser hair removal solutions had been produced for the people that have other skin and hair types. It should be known that the success rate of laser hair removal, which is ineffective in white hair, decreases in the yellow, red and light brown hair as the laser light does not reach the hair follicles.

How many sessions are necessary?


Factors determining how many laser hair removal sessions will be needed are the skin color, hair density, hair color, practice area and the method chosen. Related to these factors, numbers of sessions vary in between 3 to 10.

On which areas of the body it can be practiced?


Laser hair removal can be practiced on almost all parts of the body except for the eyelids and around the eyes where skin is too thin. Upper lip, chin, bikini area, arm, leg and armpit in women; back, chest, beard in men; are among the most practiced areas.

What are the side effects?

Not practiced with caution and attention by the specialists in this field, laser hair removal may cause serious side effects such as burns and spots on the skin. The most important step in minimizing the side effects and risks is to choose the appropriate system according to the skin and hair color of the person.

Laser systems work with different wavelength options so as to make laser hair removal applicable to people with different properties. For instance, for a person who has a light skin tone, practice with Alexandrite laser system gives successful results, whereas for a person with a dark skin tone, it may cause spots due to the absorption of energy by the skin surface. Selecting Diode or Nd: Yag systems, which are alternative lasers for darker skin tones or tanned skins, prevent these side effects and provide effective results.

Not getting laser hair removal with systems that are unfavorable to use in summer months and giving attention to sun protection in general during laser hair removal process, are necessary to prevent side effects like spots, allergic reaction etc.

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Alexandrite laser hair removal

It is a laser system that has 755 nm wavelength and a practical and effective method especially preferred for people who have light skin tones. People who have dark type hair structure on light color skin are prone to get the most ideal results with Alexandrite laser hair removal. For people who have medium-light skin color, it can also be effective to use if considered appropriate by the specialist. Practice on dark-skinned people may cause skin spots.

Nd:Yag laser hair removal

It is a powerful laser system that works with 1064 nm wavelength and a method especially developed to make laser hair removal applicable to people who have very dark skin tones. In order to reduce the risk of burns and spots, it is important for the specialist to make the right choices from the system according to the skin and hair types. Due to being more painful than the other methods, it is preferred in rare cases.

Diode laser hair removal

It is a laser system that works with 810 nm wavelength, which provides the ability to deeply affect, and a method produced to obtain successful results for medium-dark and dark skin people, who are considered not suitable to Alexandrite laser. Among the public and in clinics, the practice is also expressed as ironing laser, diot laser, diyot laser. Targeting hair follicles with a deeper effect than the Alexandrite laser may cause Diode laser to be perceived painful when compared. However, the cooling effect provided by the use of gel
increases the comfort of the practice and reduces the feeling of pain.

Difference between IPL and laser hair removal methods

IPL is not a laser system; it is a pulsed light system known with the abbreviation IPL shortened with the capital letters of the term “Intense Pulsed Light”. In hair removal practices with IPL technology, hair follicles are not removed in the same way as in laser hair removal, therefore only a long time effective waxing treatment is achieved. The IPL system, known being used in beauty centers, is a medical device and should not be used by people who are not authorized to operate the process.

What is square laser (square epil) hair removal?


In order to provide safe and effective practices suitable to different skin and hair characteristics, devices are diversified through technological improvements. Working with the same logic of laser hair removal practices, Square laser expresses the practice operated with Alexandrite NG: Yag laser device, first laser system in the world working with a square shape head. In this respect, square laser hair removal differs from other methods actually by its head structure in the system.

What is the difference of square laser?


In general, the common feature of laser hair removal systems is to have circular heads and due to head structure to target a circular area. With the square head, the probability of missed and inadequately affected areas decreases and the targeted impact both in terms of dimensional and penetrating capacity increases. The increase of the impact capacity is the main reason behind achieving faster and more successful results with square laser.

Why square laser (square epil) hair removal is preferred?

  • In square laser practices, the number of sessions is reduced by half compared to other methods, and in general, it can be enough to repeat 4 sessions.
  • A session for the whole body can be completed in half an hour.
  • It is a notarized system that can be used safely.
  • As the impact area enlarges and number of sessions decreases in square laser method, repetition on the same practice areas decreases. Thus, the skin stays less processed.
  • As a consequence of faster results, reducing the number of necessary sessions provides financial advantage.
  • It provides a comfortable session both for the applicants and the patients.
  • The system works with dual cooling system, cryo air and cryo touch, which prevents pain that can be felt during hair removal.
  • By the use of square laser, it is also possible to perform the practice to people who have dark skin, without the risk of burn.
  • Unlike other laser systems which are not favorable to use in summer months, it can be practiced without a seasonal limitation.
  • Especially in hair removal practices for shaping beard and mustache for men, it provides smooth and successful lines.

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Who should not apply to laser hair removal?

Since the desired effect cannot be obtained on white, yellow, red and light brown hair types, laser hair removal is not recommended for the patients who have such hair properties. Moreover, there are patients who are not recommended to have laser hair removal due to their general health condition. In order to give an answer to the question in a general approach, it can be stated that it is not recommended to perform laser hair removal practice

  • in case of pregnancy,
  • to cancer patients,
  • to overly tanned people,
  • to those who have skin diseases that pose an obstacle to have laser hair removal

In addition to these unfavorable conditions, the conformity of applicant’s health condition must definitely be evaluated before the practice. Therefore, if you decide to apply laser hair removal, you should choose a clinic where your health condition is analyzed and operation is carried out under the supervision of a medical doctor. Please contact us at (0532) 692 00 91 for more information.

How to select the right laser hair removal method for you?

Taking different conditions into consideration like your skin tone, your hair type, the practice area etc., the decision for the method, procedure and time that will give you the best results without harming your skin, should be made by a medical doctor.

What to consider before laser hair removal and how to choose a laser hair removal center?


Prior to laser hair removal, the most important point that should be given attention to is ensuring that the practices are being done in clinics and medical centers that meet the legal requirements and by experienced medical doctors in their fields. Being aware of the fact that laser hair removal is a medical treatment; managing the process correctly and eliminating the sensitivities under the supervision of a medical doctor will let laser hair removal give reliable and successful results.

It is also important to choose a clinic that instead of a single type device has system alternatives, which work with different wavelength options and make it possible to practice healthy sessions to different skin and hair structures. The variety of alternatives provides the opportunity to offer and practice the proper laser hair removal option according to patient’s properties.

What are the laser hair removal prices for different body zones?


The laser hair removal centers approved by the Ministry of Health, Republic of Turkey cannot share price information via Internet site in accordance with the legislation. For laser hair removal and price information in Ankara, please call without hesitation: (0532) 692 00 91

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